2024 Winter Field Day

Saturday, January 27 noon to Sunday, January 28 noon


We have the Lindon Marina south (L-shaped) peninsula reserved for us that weekend again, Friday night January 26 through Sunday afternoon January 28. We can start setting up Saturday morning, get on the air starting noon Saturday, stop by noon Sunday, and start tearing down immediately afterwards.

The Lindon Marina is on the eastern shore of Utah Lake, due west of I-15 and 1600 N in Orem. Here is the link to the map

Everybody is welcome to join us! Under-licensed? No problem…we’ll get you on the air! The club will provide dinner in the way of pizza and soft drinks between 5 pm and 6pm on Saturday, next to one of the RVs.

2019 Winter Field Day Information

Winter field day goes from Noon Sat, Jan 26 to Noon Sun, Jan 27. We will be at the same location as last year, the Lindon Marina. We can start setup as early as 12:01 AM on Saturday, Jan 26.

Location map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UEZ5DYxXoMypNtp2RTI0de_YqWpleoci&usp=sharing

Please be sure to sign in when you arrive! Like last year, we’ve made arrangements with the marina to have everyone sign in as you arrive at the stations, then we will settle up with the marina afterwards. So, no need to pay as you enter, just tell them you are with the amateur radio group and they should let you through.

If you plan to participate (and we hope you do), please review the rules at https://www.winterfieldday.com/rules

We need quite a bit of gear (RVs, generators, HF rigs, antennas, etc.). We’d like everyone to fill out the survey at the following link. This will let us know how many people to expect and collect information about equipment.


We will again be operating 3 stations. If you are willing / interested in being the host of one of the three stations please let me know.

This is my first field day so I’m a bit overwhelmed being in charge of something with which I’m unfamiliar. So, if you have ideas, suggestions, etc. please feel free to reach out or, better yet, volunteer to help! Thanks for your understanding as I try to muddle my way through.


– James

P.S. There is a 5K race at the same location (Lindon Marina) on Saturday so it may be pretty stuffed. We, however, are using the peninsula so our locations should not be impacted too badly.

5K race info: https://www.race-calendar.com/frigid-5k-penguin-plunge-lindon-marina-4400-w-vineyard-rd-vineyard-ut-84058-orem-utah-united-states-on-26-january-2019/102695

2018 Winter Field Day Information


The Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Winter Field Day again this January, 2018!

We will be setting up the stations inside of WARM RV’s/Campers (as many as we can get) this time, and will be operating as an “Indoor” classification. (Not the Home or Outside classification).


Winter Field Day is a 24 hour long contest that starts Saturday January 27th at Noon until Sunday January 28th at Noon. (we don’t get to pick the dates and times)


We will be going to the Lindon Marina again, like last year. They have restrooms (out houses – cold – burrrr) that should be open for our use.

This is a paid facility, so we will be keeping a ledger, whether you are there for one day or both days, so we can true up with the owners of the marina at the end of the event. The UVARC will be covering the costs, so when you get there, let them know that you are with the Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Additional Info

We are asking all participants to review the rules ahead of time here: https://www.winterfieldday.com/rules

Also, whether you are planning to or not, I would greatly appreciate as many members filling out this questionnaire: https://goo.gl/forms/ihVRzyMaf1arSyvD3

You can RSVP to the Event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/139599596705589/

Here is a detailed MAP of the location here regarding the location of the stations here (Google Map).

What You Will Need

  • To provide and arrange your own meals
  • To bring/provide your own water/beverages
  • Wear WARM clothes. It will literally be freezing outside. Plan on wearing snow clothes.
  • A headlamp or flashlight – we dont have much sunlight during Winter Time.
  • A place to sleep if you are staying overnight. Try to find an make arrangements in a warm camper/RV if you can ahead of time. Some people like to return to home for the night. Some will sleep in their car/truck/van, and others will just not sleep at all. IF you are in one of the RVs with the radios, remember that there will be noisy generators for power, and people talking on the radios all night long!

Hope to see you there!